Welcome to the West Coast Kappas!

Welcome to 2021!

Membership renewal notices were sent out on May 3, 2021, for all remaining 2020 and 2021 renewals.

The spring 2021 newsletter will go out on May 3-4 to all current members, including those with past due renewals. For members due for renewal in 2020 who do not renew, this will be your last newsletter (until you do rejoin).

Check the newsletter for your ballot link for the 2021-2022 Board of Directors election.

With the state opening up more, the Club will be working on new official events in the next month or two

Watch this site for upcoming official events, or join us on Facebook for the latest on official and unofficial runs.


Welcome to westcoastkappacar.club, the West Coast Kappa Car Club site. We will use this site to supplement our Facebook presence and make it easier for non-Facebook users to learn about our events, activities, members, and more.

We no longer maintain or update wckcc.org or westcoast.kappacarclub.org. There may be valid info on those sites, but this is the only website currently maintained by the West Coast Kappa Car Club.

You can see our latest blog posts on the blog tab.

More details on joining the Club or participating in our events is now on our About Page.

Our new/renewing membership form and waiver form are available on the forms page.

Our membership and friends of the club often discuss events on our Facebook page.

Event details and more content will be coming soon. Until then, check the tabs above for more details on our activities. Feel free to follow this site for the latest updates.

Thanks for visiting!

(Last touched May 3, 2021.)

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