Kappa coverage for the entire west coast?

This post submitted by WCKCC Secretary Robert Novak

Every so often we get an inquiry from someone on or near the west coast of the United States, but a fair distance from where most of the WCKCC events happen. I feel bad dismissing them when they do ask if we’ll have any events near them, but it’s a complication of how club events happen.

wckcc member mapWhen the Club started over ten years ago, there were more Kappas on the road and fewer clubs to support them. We actually had members all along the coast, and separate districts for representation and event planning. Over the years, cars and members have come and gone, and event frequency has changed, to the point where in 2018 we mostly cover Northern California with our membership, so most events are in Northern California.

That’s not to say we can’t help. But we probably won’t scout locations 5+ hours away and many of our members are unlikely to go that far more than once or twice a year for runs.

So what can you do?

Check in with local clubs

I’m aware of two organizations on the west coast for Kappa drivers. These groups plan events and can be found on Facebook and other places.

For north coast folks, the Pacific Northwest Roadsters are an option. They cover “Washington, Oregon, Northern California, Idaho, & British Columbia.” If you’re north of San Francisco, check out their events.

For south coast folks, the San Diego Roadsters (also known as SD Sky & Solstice) cover Southern California, and may be more convenient for our friends in Arizona and parts of Nevada as well.

Explore non-Kappa local events

There are a number of groups who do roadster/sportscar events, or even general Cars & Coffee events, all over the country. You may find less formal gatherings and scheduled drives that you can get involved with.

These may also be ways to get in touch with local Kappa drivers and fans who may not be active on the WCKCC and other club boards.

You may not end up in a row of 10+ Kappas this way, but you can show off your car, discuss it with other drivers, see other cool cars, and enjoy some time out of the house.

Help us set up a run in your area

If you want to get involved on a run or a drive with fellow Kappa drivers, you don’t have to wait for the WCKCC board to set up an event. Just post on our Facebook page with an idea of where and when, and others can jump in and plan to participate.

Planning a successful run does take a bit of effort. I’ve started a guide on how to make the most of a run from conception to ice cream, and will be posting a version of it here on the blog in the next week or two (if all goes well).

But in short, you will need a starting point with room for 5-20 (or more) cars to park, a destination with dining options (and ice cream) that also has parking space, and an interesting route between the two. Ideally you would provide details well in advance (especially if it’s a full day or multi-day run) so people can plan for the event and make any hotel or babysitting or time-off arrangements they need to.

For a run to be an official WCKCC event, it needs to be coordinated and/or hosted by a member of the club. We have liability insurance and liability waivers for participants, and we can’t stamp our name on events that guests set up, even if some of us do attend. So if you’re not a member, either work with a member to organize the event, or sign up to become a member. See our forms page for the membership application.

Can I be a member if I’m outside Northern California?

Of course. We have some former members in the San Diego area, and others have escaped NorCal even farther, but you’re welcome to join and support the club (and even help bring more people in your area into the club).

If you’re have questions about club membership, planning a run, or anything else related to what WCKCC does, reach out to us through our Facebook page or use the “Contact” link at the top of this page. We’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks, and safe driving!

Robert Novak
WCKCC Secretary

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  1. Hello Club Members,
    As we know, many families have been displaced due to the fires. I was curious if the club would be interested in participating in a Toy Run.

    A Toy Run consists of a member delivering one or more toy to a charity organization, Such as Toys for Tots. The club would coordinate a car run to the drop off location.

    Would there be club members interested participating in a Toy Run to a Sacramento area charity?


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