Upcoming November run: Woodside to Big Sur

We have a day run scheduled for the West Coast Kappa Car Club on Saturday, November 17, 2018.

We’re meeting in Redwood City at 9:30am, heading toward Half Moon Bay at 10:00am, and then down the coast through Santa Cruz, Monterey, around the 17-Mile Scenic Drive, and on to just north of Big Sur for dinner.

What’s the plan?

For everyone: Show up at 9:30am with a full tank of gas, a comfortable hat, a jacket (it may get chilly), and your FRS radio if you have one. Your Secretary and Treasurer use the Midland GXT1000VP4, available at Amazon and Fry’s for about $70 a pair or $35 each, but any FRS/GMRS radio should work.

Total road time is about 3 hours; we expect to hit our dinner stop around 4pm, with a donut stop and a light lunch stop along the way if you need sustenance.

Since this is a day run (albeit a longer one), we don’t have a hotel block or plans for overnight or Sunday activities. There are plenty of hotels available in the Monterey area though. See the Facebook event page for some pointers, or use your favorite hotel search site.

What do I need to do to attend?

Please “sign up” to let us know how many cars and people to prepare for. Full details and signup are on Facebook here … if you don’t use Facebook but want to join us, use the Contact Form and let us know your name and email address, and how many will be joining us for dinner.

Current members who have submitted a waiver form in the last two months are good to go.

Current members who haven’t submitted a waiver form will need to do so at or before the run (you can bring one printed and filled out, or fill one out at the 9:30am driver meeting). Use the “one page” unless you are renewing at the same time.

Non-members (including lapsed members) need to submit a waiver, either as a guest with a $5 event fee, or with a membership application/renewal and current dues ($20 for one year, $50 for three years). Use the “one page” for single event participation, or the “two page” if you are joining or renewing.

Hope to see you there!


2018-11 Pebbles Rocky Flyer 0.9 npn

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