2019 Club membership renewal is this month

Hi everyone,

Your secretary Robert has sent out renewal notices for some members up for renewal on or around March 31, 2019. Unfortunately the spreadsheet had some mis-sorting happen, so a few of you missed getting a renewal notice, and two of the new members in the past six months got renewal notices by accident. I’ll be fixing this by the end of the week. Feel free to email me if you have questions, or just wait for an updated notice by the weekend.

As you may know, for many years we had a prorated membership plan that arranged all memberships to be up for renewal on March 31. This led to some confusion, so last year your Board voted to change to a more conventional renewal plan.

In short, if you join today, you get at least 12 months for your 1 year membership dues, or at least 36 months for your 3 year dues. I say “at least” because, to avoid short-changing anyone, we decided to make dues good until the last day of the following month. Signups in March 2019, for example, will be up for renewal April 30, 2020 (or 2022). This means you always get a bonus, and we can distribute the renewal efforts for new members going forward.

We also have the renewal forms and Paypal links here on westcoastkappacar.club for your convenience. You can still print out a form and mail it with a check, but you can scan/photograph the form and email it instead. I will be collecting and depositing any checks that come in, at least until we elect a new treasurer (the forms have been updated with my mailing address as of January 2019).

If you’re not a member yet, feel free to grab the WCKCC Signup and Waiver Letter from that forms page. If you have questions, contact me through the contact form on this site.

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