Your West Coast Kappa Car Club Directors and Officers for 2019

Greetings from Robert Novak, your Secretary of the West Coast Kappa Car Club.

In the last two weeks, we’ve conducted our elections for Directors of the Club (a.k.a. Board Members), and our Board Members met in person in Winters, California, to elect Officers for the year ending March 31, 2020.

Club members including board members, at the 2019 Autos for Autism Car Show in Winters, 27 April 2019

Your Board of Directors consists (alphabetically) of Jim Barnes, Don Dimitratos, Jena Haux, Richard Hibbs, and Robert Novak.

Your officers for the coming year are:

  • Robert Novak, President and Secretary
  • Jena Haux, Vice President
  • Don Dimitratos, Treasurer

Once again we thank outgoing board members (and Vice President and President, respectively) Barbara Gillespie and David LeMay for their numerous years of service to the Club.

Even though everyone listed above has signed up to lead the club in one or more ways, it’s still everyone’s club, and everyone can (and should) get involved. We will be looking for your help to plan and run events (including runs) going forward, and to help spread the word of the Club’s activities and community to other Kappa owners and fans.

If you need club info cards to share with people, let Robert know and he’ll either send you some, or send you the document to print your own (whatever’s most convenient for you).

If you’d like to suggest and/or volunteer to help operate a run or event, reach out to any member of the Board. We’d love to get an event every month into the foreseeable future, and if each club member held a run every two years, we’d meet that goal.

Help us keep this Club as well-tuned, cool, and fun to drive as the cars that brought us together in the Club. And drive safely this summer.

–Robert Novak



The Constitution of the Club requires 15% of Members in Good Standing for a quorum in elections of Directors. We had 7 valid ballots out of 23 Members in Good Standing, which comes to just over 30%. All elections were uncontested; no valid ballot contained a “No” vote so all Directors were elected unanimously as of April 22, 2017.

Officers are elected by the Directors, under the Constitution. In this Election, each position had one nomination, and each position was unanimously voted in by all Directors, by voice vote/show of hands in our Board Meeting on April 27, 2019.

The term of office is through March 31, 2020, although in the event that an election is not called or completed in time, Officers will be considered to remain in their position until someone else is elected or until they resign or are removed.

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