Run Report: Berryessa/Silverado Run (and Autos for Autism Car Show)

Six Club cars came together on April 27, 2019, to participate in the third Autos for Autism Car Show and Winters Youth Day Parade.

We took advantage of the day’s gathering to hold our latest Board of Directors meeting for the Club. A bit later we went through the parade as a club, collected our awards, and headed out on the first run of the year. The run took us around Lake Berryessa and on down the Silverado Trail in Napa before parting ways at a Baskin Robbins in Napa.

The volunteers running the Autos for Autism part of the event reported that this year’s turnout more than doubled, from about 30 cars last year to 70 this year. From handmade cars to souped up production models to the Air Force Jazz Band mounted on a flat-bed truck, we had a wide range of vehicles in the parade, and your West Coast Kappas were nearly 10% of the parade!

April 2019 Winters Berryessa Hennessey Napa Run Map
April 2019 Winters/Berryessa/Hennessey Run route (click to enlarge)

After lunch at Kountry Kitchen in Winters, we headed back for the closing awards at the city park. The Club won an award for Biggest Car Club in the parade, and Don Dimitratos and Adrianne Cote won Traveled The Farthest. Then we regrouped, headed to the edge of town, and took off on our route.

On a busy, beautiful day on the waterfront, we found it a bit challenging to find photo stops for all seven cars (one member joined us after the parade). However, with some Club ingenuity we found a couple of good stops and poses.

We found the huge parking lot at Moskowite Corner (between Lake Berryessa Lake Hennessey) to be a good place to pause and get a photo. The old roadway stop and Steele Canyon Saloon have been closed for a while, but it’s off the road and convenient for a group photo. Maybe next year we can stop here for lunch (if the new owners have it up and running by then).

Seven Club cars lined up in the Moskowite Corner parking lot

We then went on to find more posing space by the water at Lake Hennessey in Napa. There were some photo complications here but we got some pretty good shots. More photos along the day’s courses can be found on the West Coast Kappa Car Club Facebook page.

Six remaining Club cars lined up along Lake Hennessey
Six remaining Club cars lined up along Lake Hennessey

We then made our way to South Napa Market Place for the traditional ice cream stop. Drivers split off to go their own ways home.

Thanks to Jena Haux for the coordination efforts on this event. Thanks also to Jim Barnes for the suggestion and initial research.

Stay tuned for more details on the upcoming Solvang run with our friends in the San Diego club (or check Facebook for the latest). If you’d like to suggest a run or event, remember that you don’t have to be a board member or officer to suggest or host an event. Just chime in and let us know what you want the Club to do!

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