Last Minute Special: California Kappas Come Together (This Weekend) in Solvang

Hi folks, your friendly neighborhood cat herder Robert here with a reminder of the West Coast Kappas/San Diego Roadsters joint event in Solvang this weekend.

Those of you on our Facebook page have seen the details for a few weeks now, but I wanted to put a note up here for folks who forget about Facebook. We would like you to register over on the FB page and two polls if at all possible, but if not, I’ll throw a contact form on the end for you to let us know that you’re coming.

This event will happen, rain or shine.

We have a post on the event page with attendance; if your plans change, please either let us know there or through the contact form below. We would prefer not to get hit with dining space charges from a lot of last minute back-outs. And if you’re not on the list, we won’t wait for you. 🙂

Event Summary

The full agenda (so far) is to the right – click for a larger version, or check it out on our event page.

Our event begins at 6pm Friday night with dinner at Petros Kafe. You’ll want to check into your hotel beforehand if possible; the restaurant is about 2 blocks walk from the Solvang Inn & Cottages.

Saturday we’ll start with breakfast at Olsen’s Danish Village Bakery, with a driver meeting and hop over to Mission Santa Ines for the first photo op. From there we’ll go to Goleta Beach by way of Cold Spring Tavern and Mission Santa Barbara. After a lunch stop, we’ll carry on into wine country for the afternoon’s scenic and spirited drive. Dinner Saturday night will be at Pea Soup Andersen’s about 4 miles from the hotel.

Sunday we’ll have breakfast again at Olsen’s, and the event comes to a formal close. NorCal drivers may make a run on the way home by way of Avila Beach and San Luis Obispo; SoCal folks are welcome to join but it is a bit out of your way.

Registration and Polls

The event block at the Solvang Inn & Cottages is long closed, but you can contact the hotel directly about available rooms at their regular rates. Their phone number is (805) 688-4702, and as of this writing they had three cottages available from $232-262 per night.

The main place to let us know to expect you is on the California Kappas Come Together In Solvang event page on Facebook under the West Coast Kappa Car Club page. You can mark yourself “going” there, or change your status. You’ll also see conversations, questions, and updates up until Saturday morning as they happen.

We’re asking folks to let us know their accommodations and which direction they’re coming from on the “Have you booked your room” poll.

And so that our organizers can update reservations for the dinners, we have our “head count for dinners” poll that helps us know how many people will be at dinner Friday and Saturday.

It’s not really a poll, but we will be collecting special waiver forms from all participants from either club. The waiver form is on our forms and documents page here on the website, and on the Facebook page, and we’ll have paper copies on hand just in case.

Hope to see you there!

If you don’t want to mark yourself on the Facebook page, feel free to use the contact form here (not comments; those are public) to send your responses to Robert Novak. Please don’t respond here *and* on the Facebook page, or you’ll be expected to pay for and eat twice as much food.




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