Yosemite Weekend Run coming up October 19, 2019

Hey fellow Kappa drivers! Our next club event is the Yosemite Run October 18-20, 2019, at Yosemite National Park! Adrianne Cote and Jena Haux will be “driving” this event.

Event page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/905399163167312/

The official run will be Saturday, October 19, starting at 8am at Starbucks on CA-41 in Oakhurst. Schedule will be updated here shortly. We’ll be having a picnic stop for lunch (bring your own food) and dinner is planned for after 6:30pm when we get to Bass Lake.

Overnight accommodations

One space is still available in “Kappa House” (a large vacation rental that five car crews will be sharing), at a cost of $184.50 for Friday and Saturday nights. Contact Jena on Facebook (or email jena at westcoastkappacar.club) if you’re interested.

Update 2019-10-14: Kappa House is sold out. Anyone who has not paid Jena for a space will have to make their own arrangements.

You can also make your own arrangements in the area; dozens of hotels and other options are available.

I want to go!

If you are planning to attend this run, even if you’ve marked yourself “going” or “interested” on the Facebook page, please  fill out this form so we can plan and keep in touch as the event approaches. We will also have a Facebook Messenger chat for attendees who choose to use it (easier than sending bulk SMS updates during the event).


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