NASSAM, membership renewals, Board elections, and summer adventures – a letter from your club president

It’s been a quiet year for the West Coast Kappas so far. Some members have gotten out and about despite limitations, and some of us have gotten some work done on our cars as well.

Always check your emails from me with “West Coast Kappas” in the subject, as that’s our primary method of communicating important members-only info. I wanted to share some things here on the site for members and prospective members to see.

As you may have seen in a recent Club newsletter email, we’ve had a swaparound of NASSAM (North American Solstice & Sky Annual Meet) locations. Originally we were planning for 2022 in Northern California, with a nexus in Santa Rosa, CA.

Due to the pandemic making NASSAM 2020 in Rapid City, SD, impractical to continue with. The Northern California organizing committee gave 2022 to Rapid City for a rescheduled event, and we will be hosting NASSAM in 2023.

If you’re interested in attending, just sit tight for a while. Each year’s NASSAM is officially opened to the public at the close of the previous one. We’ll have more information, registration and hotel info, and volunteer opportunities in about two years.

Membership renewal notices for members who lapsed/will lapse between 12/31/2019 and 12/30/2020 have gone out the morning of July 8, 2020. Dues go to cover Club insurance, printing and mailing costs, and other expenses that come up over the course of the year. I just renewed my membership (hard to believe it’s been a week short of three years), and I hope you all will too.

If you have any questions or concerns, just reply to that email. If you think you lapsed but didn’t get an email, reach out to for help.

In June, we held our belated elections for the Board of Directors. Elections were held via Google form submissions, announced on our Facebook page and in a direct email newsletter sent to all current Members.

Directors of the Club have two official duties: Act for the Club in all matters, and conduct financial reviews. Informally and practically, Directors decide the direction of the Club and host/sponsor official events that the Club holds or participates in.

In the regular election and a “mid-term” election for a late nomination, your Directors for the 2020-2021 term have been elected by a quorum of the active Members in Good Standing (27% for the regular election, 23% for the “mid-term,” meeting the 15% quorum requirement):

  • Stephanie Sullivan
  • Gabriel Del Valle
  • Richard Hibbs
  • Jim Barnes
  • Don Dimitratos
  • Jena Haux
  • Robert Novak

In an electronic ballot of the Board of Directors, your 2019-2020 Officers were re-elected for the 2020-2021 term:

  • Don Dimitratos, Treasurer
  • Jena Haux, Vice President
  • Robert Novak, President and Secretary

The terms of office for Directors and Officers goes until March 31, 2021, or until such time as new elections are held or any Officers resign.

Club members have been working on planning unofficial runs while various counties and the State at large are subject to pandemic-related restrictions and limitations. We’re able to maintain social distancing and ultraviolet exposure in our cars, but many of the touristy options and dining / ice cream venues are restricted, and not all Club members want to get out in the current climate.

We will host information on unofficial runs on the Facebook page under Events, as before, but for the events marked Unofficial, there will be no official endorsement or sponsorship, no requirement for membership or event fees, and anyone attending does so at their own risk.

We will start looking ahead at official events, including a very-early-stages West Coast Invitational we’re looking at for April or May in farther Northern California. We hope to get members and clubs from around the west coast involved. More on this in the next few months, as we see how the pandemic situation settles out.

If you’d like to arrange an ad hoc or unofficial run, reach out to the Board through the contact page on this site, the Facebook page, or email to

Stay safe, and keep your cars in shape. We’ll see you soon.


Robert Novak
President & Secretary
West Coast Kappa Car Club


Updated 9 July 2020

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