Last Minute Special: California Kappas Come Together (This Weekend) in Solvang

Hi folks, your friendly neighborhood cat herder Robert here with a reminder of the West Coast Kappas/San Diego Roadsters joint event in Solvang this weekend. Those of you on our Facebook page have seen the details for a few weeks now, but I wanted to put a note up here for folks who forget about... Continue Reading →

Run Report: Berryessa/Silverado Run (and Autos for Autism Car Show)

Six Club cars came together on April 27, 2019, to participate in the third Autos for Autism Car Show and Winters Youth Day Parade. We took advantage of the day's gathering to hold our latest Board of Directors meeting for the Club. A bit later we went through the parade as a club, collected our... Continue Reading →

2019 Club membership renewal is this month

Hi everyone, Your secretary Robert has sent out renewal notices for some members up for renewal on or around March 31, 2019. Unfortunately the spreadsheet had some mis-sorting happen, so a few of you missed getting a renewal notice, and two of the new members in the past six months got renewal notices by accident.... Continue Reading →

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