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This page will contain documents, forms, and other static content, including dues payments.

Not very exciting, but that’s why we have our Kappas, right?

Membership Form and Waiver Form

(updated 2020-07-09)

You may mail the forms to the Treasurer at the address on the form, scan and email them to, or bring them to the next Club event.

Pay your Membership Dues

[Links current as of 12/7/2021 – any payment links on other websites may not be current or for the right amount or even go to the right place.]

If you would like to pay for your membership via Paypal, use one of the following links. Remember to submit the Signup and Waiver Letter (in person, scanned to email, or by USPS mail) to complete your registration and receive your new member packet. No refunds.

If you would like to pay for your membership with Venmo, you can send to @gallifreyan (Robert’s account) and he will relay to the Paypal account and confirm your payment transfer. Note that Venmo and Paypal are both Paypal products, so there’s probably little reason not to use both if you use either.


Accuracy canary

If you’re wondering if this site is current and active, the Secretary has posted a confirmation note on the WCKCC Facebook page here. If you have concerns, feel free to let us know here or there or through the email addresses you have for us.

Last touched 7 December 2021

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